Narrative Report ( Marriott Hotel Manila)

Topics: Hotel, Ben Daniels, The Guest Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: January 22, 2013
As an OJT practicumer I learned lots of knowledge by doing my assigned task. I was assigned in Concierge Department, in Concierge Department we are responsible in taking care of the baggage and other things of our guest. In 38 days of staying and having an OJT in Mariott Hotel and Resorts, I learned the importance of great impression. Because in our industry which is the Tourism Industry, our impression to our guest is very important. Just “show simple smile, be friendly and approachable with them it will give a good impact and also it encourage the guest to comeback again in our establishment. Another one is the safety and security of the guest and also of their belongings. We all know that safety and security is the priority of our industry and the number one standards of a guest before staying in one place (where they are safe from danger or not) .Another one is the passion for service, a passion means having a passion for something and having a strong interest in it and like it very much. In this matter, I realize that we must have a passion in our works so we can do and done it very well. And at the same time were enjoying, because we loved what we’re doing even if this is hard nor easy. And last but not the least is courtesy to our valued guest. This kind of action must implement and develop in one of each personnel that are involved in Tourism Industry. This kind of action or act are consist of four aspects, first one is politeness, second one is respect, third one is consideration to others and the last one is having a good manner. Those four standards and others aspects I said is very important and needed because it helps to have and build a good communication and relationship to our beloved guest. For me the experience with the people around when I was on my ojt is fantastic. Fantastic in a sense that, even though we are too busy in our works, I know that we build a good relationship which I can call it “friendship”. Not just in my co-ojt from other...
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