Mysticism and hypnosis

Topics: Religion, Hypnosis, Mind Pages: 4 (765 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Defining Mystical

Mystical experiences can be described as mental states or events that are often extreme in nature that allows for some ultimate truth or understanding. Mysticism and Hypnosis
Characteristics of a Mystical Experience
Contact with a supernatural being
Religious or supernatural beliefs already ingrained
Some divine message
Revealing of a truth or great understanding of an already believed philosophy. A feeling of unity and timelessness
A feeling of euphoria, fear or pure joy.

A mystical experience typically is stimulated by
Ritualistic behaviors such as dancing, twirling, and singing. Music or sounds
Exaggerated emotions and moods.
Solitude, sensory deprivation, sex and joyful events.
Traumatic experiences that often change how the brain works which causes changes in behavior and an impaired sense of awareness. Physiological changes or damage ie. Epilepsy , seizures, oxygen deficiency, infections, fasting, imbalance of neurotransmitters, and psychosis. Scientists can not be absolutely sure why people have mystical experiences but are trying to do research to find out.

The God Gene
Is faith in a supreme being hardwired into us?
Could the gene be responsible for these mystical experiences? Persinger’s Theory
Could it have a physiological basis?
Could the brain be deceiving us into believing in something that is truly not there? The God Gene
Is there a gene that makes us believe?
The God Gene
Theorizes that faith is hardwired into some individuals genes. Hypothesized that the “god gene” is physiologically responsible for the visualizations and sensations of the mystical experiences. Those that have this gene sequence are more likely to have these mystical experiences.

Persinger’s Theory
On Mystical Experiences
Persinger’s Theory
Persinger’s theory suggests that the mystical experience is entirely physiological stemming from the brain’s Limbic system. These mystical experiences are nothing but temporal lobe...
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