Mystic Monk

Topics: Carmelites, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Simon Stock Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: September 25, 2014
As father daniel mary, the prior of the carmelite order monk in clark, wyoming. His vision of transforming the small brotherhood of 13 monks living in the small home used as makeshift rectory in to 500 acre monastery that would include accomodations for 30 monks, a gothic church, a convent for carmelite nuns, a retreat center for lay visitors, a hermiteage presented a formidable challenge. Howover, as a former high school football player, boxer, bull rider, and a man of great faith, father prior daniel mary was unaccustomed to shringking from a challenge. He had identified a nearby ranch for sale that met requarments of his vision perfectly, but its current listing price of $8,9 million presented a financial obstacle to creating a place of prayer, worship, adn solitude in the rockies. the carmelites had received a $250,000 donation that could be used toward the puchase, and monastery had earned nearly $75,000 during the fisrt year of its mystic monk voffee roasting operations, but more money would be needed THE CARMELITE MONK OF WYOMING

Carmelites are a religious order of the catholic church that was formed by men whi traveled to the holy land as pilgrims and crusaders and had choosen to remain near jerusalem to seek god. The wyoming carmelite monastery was founded by father daniel mary who lived as a carmelite hermit in minesota before moving to clark, wyoming, to establish the new monartery. The wyoming carmelites were a cloistered order and were allowes to leave the monastery only by permission of the bishop for medical needs or the death of a family member. There were 13 monks dedicated to a life of prayer and worship in the wyoming carmelite monastery. Since the founding of monastery six year ago, there had been more than 500 inquiries from young men considering becoming wyoming carmelite. Father prior daniel mary wished to eventually have 30 monks whi would join the brotherhood at age 19 to 30 and live out their lives in the monastery. The Daily...
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