My Student Biography Essay Example

Pages: 2 (384 words) / Published: Jan 30th, 2009
Melissa’s Biography

My name is Melissa Montgomery and I will be 23 on February 22nd. I am a single mother of three. My kids are two and four years old (I lost my third child). I gave my first born the name Ryan because it means "King" and it's his dad's name. I named my little one Myles because it means "Soldier" just like his dad. I would be pregnant right now, but I had a miscarriage September 10, 2008. I was only three months along, so it was too soon to know if I was having a boy or girl, so I gave him or her a unisex name (Justice) after his or her father. It’s hard, but my boys keep me strong…and busy! I gave birth to both of them in the same hospital I was born in, and that’s Kennestone Hospital, in Marietta, Georgia. I was born and raised here, which makes me a sweet GA peach! I am interested in this teaching degree program because I work at my kids’ school and the experience has interested me in becoming a certified teacher so that I may move up from daycare to the actual Cobb County school system. I’d like to teach Kindergarten because I just love kids!

I have attended online classes here at University of Phoenix before, in 2006. I was pursuing my degree in Arts of Business and obtained a 3.75 GPA at one point, but it just didn’t work out for me then. I plan to make up for that now I will make it work this time. My credits were transferred to this program, because I decided to change my career, so I will still get credit for them. I have the desire to continue my education for the sake of my children because they deserve the best and I want to make them proud. Their happiness and well being means the world to me and I believe I can give them a better life by first bettering myself. I look forward to working with my classmates and teachers as I achieve this goal and wish you all success. Good

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