My Personal Vmgo

Topics: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: June 13, 2013
My Personal Strategic VMGO as an Accountancy Student
“…I want to be an accountant because my parents want me to be one and of course, want the to be happy that’s why I take BS Accountancy”, this was the answer that always comes out of my mouth when I respond to the people asking me what course I took for college, why I took accountancy and what I want to be. The board, lesson plans, class records and a simple room, these are some of the things I dreamed to have in the future. I really wish to become a teacher; a teacher that gives knowledge and shares wisdom to his students. I can still evoke when I commence talking about taking Bachelor in Elementary or Secondary Education, my parents’ comment is constantly like these, “Mababa sweldo pag nag-titser ka.”, and “Mai-stress ka lang habang buhay, araw-araw ka niyang mag-aaral.”, that soon followed by faces that will tell you to stop talking about this balderdash. I learned that some Certified Public Accountants and BS Accountancy graduates become instructors for accounting subjects. I can still teach! This constitutes to my concrete vision, my mission in life and my goals and objectives to achieve it.

As a BS Accountancy student, I envision becoming an effective and prolific Certified Public Accountant, a faculty member that edifies accounting subjects in an academe; give gratitude to the persons who are there to assist him to become the person he wanted to be, dwelling with his family full of gratification and happiness, and an honorable and a God-fearing servant of the nation who continues aiding himself and the society to growth and progress. MISSION

Heroes started to be just naive sidekick and simple agents. They have missions that they need to accomplish and be the great hero they wish for. As a student, who aspires to be come the professional I’m aiming to be, I believe that I should have a mission to complete. My mission is to successfully finish and graduate in college having the degree...
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