My Natural High

Topics: Family, Mother, High school Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: June 9, 2013

Jasmine M. PaineMy natural high is sports (basketball) and listening to music. I could never livewithout music because it pumps me up, settles me down, and sometimes helps me just think straight. Their very important to me because they impact my life like staying fit, having fun, socializing with friends. I do sports all year long, and I think that if I did not do sports I would get caught up in wrong things not saying that I am not able to stay out of it but it seems like there is so much more drama when your not focused on other things. My summers I am always active and am playing a sport but my favorite thing is to listen to music when I am playing. My major goals in life are to go to high school, go to college, then I will become a doctor. My biggest dream since I was three was to either become a doctor helping little kids in the emergency room, or be a teacher. I have always been influenced by my step mom she is a nurse and has always helped me fulfill my dreams in everyway possible. My mom has been impact on my life. Also another thing I work hard on everyday is to get my grades up to A’s that is another goal I look up to everyday. I hope to accomplish one of my dreams one way or another. In four years, I see myself graduating high school and finally driving.J I am so exited for my future. By that time college will just begin and my plans with hopefully be all planed out and I will have started them. In ten years I see myself almost done with college I hope and my career will be on its way after that. I also hope by the next ten years when I am twenty-four I will have my own house and be settled down. I am also not stupid enough to have kids until I am...
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