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Mustang Mentoring

By abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0 Apr 26, 2014 341 Words
Hey Incoming Freshman,
I’m here to welcome you guys to the start of your high school career at Millard North High School. High school is very different from what you guys experienced during middle school. For one, there are a lot more people but also the food is much better. You guys now get more freedoms as well, but that also means teachers expect more from you since you have matured. Another difference is that there are a lot more activities for you to do in high school, we have plenty of clubs and sports ranging from music appreciation to football. It’s really important for you guys to get involved in the school so you can meet new people and discover new interests. I remember the first day of my freshman year, I was scared walking into the school. I wasn’t scared to go to classes, but I was scared of the upperclassmen, especially the ones who were on the football team. After the first week though, I learned that I wasn’t much different from them and that they weren’t bad at all. So one of my advice would be not to listen to all the rumors you hear about upperclassmen and freshman hazing; those are just rumors spread around to scare people. Don’t be afraid to talk to upperclassmen if you have a question or anything. High school is a really important part of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. You really need to focus on your grades because that’s what will let you go to the college of your dreams, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Join some clubs or tryout for the football team. Don’t just go to class and then go home; make the most out of your high school years because they won’t be there forever. Hope you guys have an amazing four years here and I’m hoping to meet you guys soon.

Junior Class of 2016
Justin Lui

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