mus 354 unit 1

Topics: The Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: October 22, 2013
John, Paul, George and Ringo after the 1970 break-up
1967 Lennon and McCartney rarely wrote together
The White Album (The Beatles) 1968 signaled the independence of each member felt from the other •1969 Album Let it Be showed the band in disarray
Manager Brian Epstein in 1967 the group lost its rudder
oPaul took control
Abbey Road was their last great effort
Paul legal action to dissolve the group

April 1970:
Ringo overdub drums in Abbey Road studio. “I, Me, My” He is the last Beatle to play at a Beatles recording session •Paul: “We’re all talking about peace and love but really, we’re not feeling peaceful at all” •Headline: “Paul is Quitting the Beatles”

oPaul publicly announces breakup of band due to business and musical difference and have a better time with his family. oPaul: “I do not forsee a time when the Lennon & McCartney partnership will be active again in songwriting oApple press officer Derek Taylor: At the moment they seem to cramp each other’s style” Dorman for years. Klein…manger to run and never hit it off oPaul opposed the appointment of Klein and wanted to make his father-in-law, John Eastman, the band’s manager •Majority rules and didn’t want john the manager, therefore Paul wanted law suits •“Let it Be” Single reaches #1 in America

6 days later, “McCartney” released in UK and in US end of April (Paul recorded most of his album at his home studio in London, finishing it off at professional studio…songs called “teddy boy, maybe im amazed) oGeorge said corney lyrics

oJohn says, “It’s a simple fact that he [Paul] couldn’t have it his own way. He used to sulk and God knows that. It’s always been the same, but only bigger because we are bigger” •Maybe im Amazed:

oPaul wrote this song for Linda back in 1969 and did not release it officially as a single until 1976 oPaul on vocals and 3 guitars, piano, bass, and drums, and Linda joining Paul on back-up vocals and overdubs •Intro: solo piano with organ...
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