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1. List the current legislation the impacts on your schools equality, diversity and inclusion policies.

Quality Act 2010

Discrimination arising from a disability, age, sex, gender re-assignment or race.

The Academy is to ensure that the potential of every student is maximised, irrespective of any disability, race, gender, and social origin and to enable every student to be able to access the curriculum in an environment where every student is valued, respected and feels safe.

UN convention rights of a child

Governments worldwide promise all children (any person under the age of eighteen) the same rights so that a child can survive, grow, participate and fulfil their potential.

The Academy adopts a 'whole Academy approach' to all students which involves all the staff adhering to a model of good practice.

The Academy recognises that for children and young people, high self esteem, confidence, supportive friends and clear lines of communication with trusted adults help are important for them to reach their full potential.

Children act 20004

A reform from which children’s services are based upon. It aims to improve children’s services, promote early intervention and bring different professionals together.

All members of The Academy have a duty to safeguard children and young people. They should always seek advice from senior colleagues whenever in doubt about a situation that may be a child protection issue. The Academy’s Child Protection Officer and the Community Managers are trained in how to proceed in certain circumstances

Every Child Matters

There are thought to be five key factors for a child to succeed. They are being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieve economic well being. This is to enable every child the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background or circumstances.

The Academy aims to be inclusive, offering a sense of community and belonging through its inclusive ethos. The Academy offers a curriculum that is varied to reach the needs of the students with high expectations and individual targets suitable for the student. Targets, homework and assessment are regularly reviewed and discussed with the students and parents/carers.

The Academy teaching and learning will differentiate, use suitable strategies and offer in-class support by teacher/teaching assistant or additional staff to assist students to access learning.

This can also include the following:

Withdrawal for individual/small group work.

Literacy intervention.

Behaviour modification programmes.

Use of specialist equipment.

Alternative teaching strategies.

Curriculum tasks and activities may be broken down into a series of small and achievable steps for students who have identified learning difficulties.

SEN code of practice

Students have SEN if they have a learning difficulty which calls for Special Educational Provision to be made for them. Special Educational Provision means educational provision which is in addition to that made generally for students of the same age in schools, other than special schools. Students are given appropriate support to allow every student full access to the curriculum. Students are fully included in all activities of The Academy in order to promote the highest levels of achievement. The Academy is committed in meeting the needs of students learning and/or behaviour to promote self worth and enthusiasm for learning and to provide every student with opportunities to feel a sense of achievement. Schemes of work for students, within classes and year groups, reflect whole school approaches to teaching and learning and take account of special educational needs.

2. Give examples of why it is important that this legislation is in place and followed....
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