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Hospitality Management
(Unit 5)
1.1 Discuss the characteristics of food production and food and beverage service systems 1.2 Discuss factors affecting recipes and menus for specific systems (give 3 examples) 1.3 Compare the cost and staffing implications for different systems 1.4 Justify the suitability of systems for particular food and beverage outlet (give at least 3 examples) 2.1 Discuss the use of financial statements in food and beverage operations 2.2 Demonstrate the use of cost and pricing processes

2.3 Analyse the purchasing process.

1. An extensive analysis is summarised in an annual launch strategy. 2. All registered suppliers (433 in 2010) receive the request for tender and are invited to submit their tenders. 3. The product samples for each request for tender are tasted by a tasting panel. The tasting process is blind. 4. The products bought after tasting are then analysed by our own laboratory before being launched in the stores. 5. The products are also tasted by a characteristics tasting group that specialises in describing the products. 6. Before we sell the products in the stores, Swedish wine columnists are invited to try all the new products and all of the wines of a new vintage. 7. We also sample the products delivered to the stores, to check that the products delivered are the same as the one tendered and selected. 8. The fixed product range is checked once a year, whilst the new products and trial range are analysed continuously. The best-selling ten per cent of products in the available for order range are also tested. The laboratory also evaluates complaints relating to Systembolaget’s products and carries out external analysis work.


3.1 Compile food and beverage menus for a hospitality event
3.2 Justify the selection and suitability of recipes for menus 4.1 Plan a food and beverage service for a hospitality event within an agreed budget 4.2 Implement the planned service maintaining standards of quality and health,...
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