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mom at sixteen

By abbyhenriott Dec 11, 2013 683 Words
Getting pregnant at sixteen does not only affect the people that got pregnant with the child, but everyone else that is in the life of those people. After watching the movie about a teenager named Kacey, my heart goes out to her little sister Macy. Macy has been through more stress and complications at her age than anyone should in their entire life. She’s going through this, and none of it was even her fault. A girl Macy’s age that has an older sister, should be able to look up to her, and follow in her footsteps. Macy also should be trying to stand out in the crowd and be her own person, while getting attention from her parents, showing their love towards her. To Macy’s luck, that’s close to impossible in her situation.

When being a teenager with an older sister, looking up to them and learning about life from them is a really big part of growing up. Sisters share, and spend a lot of time together to bond. In Macy’s case she can’t exactly do that. She can’t ask her sister to hang out and spend time with her because all Jacey is doing is dealing with the baby and all the complications that comes from that. Also following in her sisters footsteps isn’t the best idea either. Jacey made some really bad mistakes in her life (sex, drugs) and Macy has seen the consequences of her sisters’ actions every day. Being put in this spot makes Macy want to be the opposite of her sister, which is never a healthy bond to have between siblings.

Being paid attention to is a big part of a child’s life. When you get the affection you need as a teenager it makes you feel loved and just happier in general. Getting attention would be a hard thing to come by in the household that Macy lives in. Her mom is trying to keep her daughters new baby on the down low and make it seem as if it is her own child. In the fight to keep the baby safe and well, she doesn’t realize that Macy is also struggling in her life and is crying out for help. Jacey is also someone that should be giving love and attention to Macy but she is so caught up on drugs, school, boys, and the baby that she doesn’t quite have time for her little sister’s problems. Both people do not realize that Macy is screaming for help and needs it more than ever. Lastly, all Macy wants is to stand out. Normally a teenager wants to fit in, and not be noticed so they aren’t judged but Macy doesn’t think like that. Ever since the baby was born Macy is seen to be the perfect daughter. She hates the pressure that she is put under, so ass any other child would do, she rebels. She tries to stand out, and get in as much trouble as she can. Since Jacey has messed up so severely that Macy has the burden of having to be perfect and expected to not mess up. Also, Macy does not have the same freedom as other kids her age. She would not be able to date because her Mom would be a little too over protective because of the other daughters mistake. In the end Macy is seen as the good girl and expected to be perfect in everything she does. She has nobody to look up to, and nobody realizes that she is trying harder than ever to fit in. The life that she misfortunately has is not good for her, and my heart goes out to her more than the other people in the situation. Her struggles I can see the most, and see how hard it must be on her. Macy needs a lot of help and attention, and right now she isn’t getting what she needs. In my opinion she isn’t getting a fair shot in life.

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