Module of Organizational Chart in Housekeeping Department

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• To be familiar in the organization of housekeeping. • To know the specific job or task of each position in the organization. • To know what job that fits based on the skills one possesses.

Definition of Terms

Assistant Housekeeper - The assistant housekeeper usually reports to the executive housekeeper. In hotels where an additional senior position of deputy housekeeper exists, the assistant housekeepers may report to the deputy housekeeper. Generally hotels employ one assistant housekeeper per 50-60 rooms. There may be just one assistant housekeeper under the executive housekeeper in a medium-sized hotel or one for each shift in large hotels.

Executive Housekeeper - An executive housekeeper is in charge of housekeeping operations as well as the training and supervision of the cleaning personnel. He may work in a commercial environment such as a resort or hotel or in a residential setting where his job is confined to the household of a private home. Both scenarios require him to ensure the physical area for which he is responsible is maintained in a pristine and orderly fashion.

General Manager - usually oversees a firm's marketing and sales functions as well as the day-to-day business operations.

Housekeeping Supervisor - A housekeeping supervisor is in charge of all operations related to the maintenance and upkeep of rooms used for living quarters, dining and meetings. She may supervise cleaning personnel in convention halls, educational institutions, hotels and hospitals. Her job normally requires her to inspect premises in addition to directing the activities of the staff. Effective scheduling of her staff is one of the housekeeping supervisor’s primary concerns.

Laundry/Linen Room Supervisor - The exact tasks that such employees handle can vary, though it usually involves receiving and washing dirty linens, folding cleaned...
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