module 5.3

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Marketing Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: September 20, 2014
Carlton Phillip

Intro to Management Information System

Module 5

Discussion: E-Business and Entrepreneurial Functions

Why is there a trend toward cross-functional integrated enterprise systems in business? Why would systems that enhance a company’s relationships with customers have such a high rate of failure?

1. The benefits that an organization receives by the cross-functions system are as follows, it allows the organization to be a little more cost effective which makes the operation run smoothly and effectively with little or no mishaps/errors this systematic style is a quality analysis program that has a huge integration process when compared to the manually system of re-entering data from one organization functional system into another organizations system in an environment that is non-integrated. Now when the systems are merging smoothly and in relatively short space and time this will affect the organization will little growing pains and will start running at full strength. Some of the cross-function system that were mention for example was the supply chain management, and according to the book it is a system that helps support and manage the links between companies main business process its suppliers, business partners and customers. The purpose of the system is to have a fast turnaround at all aspect of the business and most of all, also control cost. The supply chain is what we call the value chain and each link in the chain brings along support and value for that product and that service but most of the entire final product. Another good example is the Customer Relation Management (CRM) this system helps to integrate and automate almost all the marketing, processing consumers’ sales and customer services for the organization. The system helps to reduce the burden on the company account and customers service representatives and save the company money in the long run. Now all those systems mention above and the others that were...
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