Module 11 text questions-Creative photography

Topics: Photography, Photographer, War photography Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: October 26, 2013
1. What makes someone a professional photographer? What qualities do you think a professional photographer should have? - If they do the same thing, only get the majority of their income from it. 2. What are three different types of photography? Which type do you think you’d most like to focus on? Why? - Commercial photography, Forensic photography, and scientific photography. I’d probably like commercial photography the most because I like photographing my friends modeling and I would want my work to be shown in magazines and advertisements.

3. What do you think would be the best and worst aspect of being a professional photographer? Why? - Worst- Having low pay, or barely any jobs.
- Best- Traveling and experiencing different types of photography.

4. What tasks or responsibilities would photographers have if they owned their own business? - Marketing their business, editing their photos, and selling their work. 5. What is the job outlook for photographers? What factors are influencing the job outlook? - In 2008, there were over 150,000 professional photographers in the U.S. And the average photographer earned almost $30,000 per year. 6. What are the educational or training requirements for becoming a professional photographer? What options exist for individuals? -There is no specific education needed. It usually depends on the type of photography you want to do. All photographers would want to have training in the subject they want to work in. 7. What are the steps to becoming a professional photographer? -Have an interest in photography

-Receive a university degree or other training
- Develop a strong portfolio
8. What is stock photography? Do you think you’d like to take stock photographs? -Stock photographs are photographs that are made for specific commercial purposes. I think it would be fun o take them, so yes. 9. What do you think is the biggest challenge for professional photographers? - Probably finding a...
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