Module 1: Case Assignment

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John Doe
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Summer 2013
Module 1: Case Assignment

Dr. Abou-Robieh, Moutaz

Every four years there is an Olympics event held in a different city from around the world to bring together superior athletes that represent their respective countries to participate in a friendly competition. The Olympics is broken into two events summer and winter games. The Olympics represents three themes coming together: excellence, friendship and respect. The modern Olympics have been around since 1896 and although when you think of the Olympics you rarely think of it as a business but it is much like any other franchise out there. The Olympics is a brand unto itself; which is globally marketed around the world.

The 2006 Winter Olympics was the first Olympic event held under the new IOC Television & Marketing Services SA, which was formed to assist with marketing the Olympics. IOC Television & Marketing Services SA hired Geoffrey Stone to examine branding, funding, and promotions results under the new marketing structure to find out how successful if at all they had been during the 2006 Winter Games. All of this needed to be completed and assessed in time to prepare for the upcoming 2008 games in Beijing, China. The OIC wanted to assess what went well and what needed to be improved upon for the next games.

Stone had three questions he wanted to answer, had the 2006 Winter Games been a success? What worked well, and what did not? What changes, if any, should he recommend to the IOC as the organization moved forward? To do so Stone had to look closely look at three areas: funding, branding and marketing.

The Olympics is operated by many different organizations, therefore, making it difficult to make decisions or changes regarding the hosting, funding and broadcasting of the Olympic games. The Olympics are hosted by a non-profit organizing committee from the city...

References: Elam, Elizabeth L. R. and Hamakawa, Curt L., (2008), The Journal of Business Cases and Application: International Sport Marketing: Branding and Promoting the 2006 Olympic Winter Games,
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