Modern Men in Education

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Men in the Modern
Education Periods

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By the end of this module we should
be able to:
• Trace the history of education from
earliest times to present.
• Identify the different significant
contributors to education from the
following centuries:
• 16th to 17th Century
• 18th to 19th Century
• 19th to 20th Century

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16th to 17th Century
Education for This World

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John Amos Comenius
March 28, 1592 – November 14, 1670

Children ought to be dearer to parents than
gold and silver, than pearls and gems, may be
discovered from a comparison between both
gifts of God; for…Gold and silver are fleeting
inheritance. ~ Jan Amos Comenius

Father of Modern

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• Developed a philosophy, called pansophism,
which emphasized political unity, religious
reconciliation, and cooperation in education.

Didactica Magna (Great Didactic)

(1) learning foreign languages through the
(2) obtaining ideas through objects rather than words;
(3) starting with objects most familiar to the child to
introduce him to both the new language and the more
remote world of objects
(4) giving the child a comprehensive knowledge of
his environment, physical and social, as well as
instruction in religious, moral, and classical subjects
(5) making this acquisition of a compendium of
knowledge a pleasure rather than a task
(6) making instruction universal.
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• Outlined a system of schools that is the exact
counterpart of the existing American system of
kindergarten, elementary school, secondary
school, college, and university.

• First introduced pictorial textbooks.
• Applied effective teaching based on the natural
gradual growth from simple to more
comprehensive concepts
• Supported lifelong learning and development of
logical thinking by moving from dull memorization
• Presented and supported the idea of equal
• Opportunity for impoverished children
• Opened doors to education for women.

Made instruction universal and practical.
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John Locke
1632 - 1704

Father of English

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• An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.
• Locke proposes that we are all born with certain
knowledge and principles that helps us to
become part of society.
• The theory known as Tabula Rasa meaning
white sheets helps explain development.

• He states that it is through experience, of the
world around us, this is how one forms ideas
• States that human knowledge is gathered in 2
distinct ways through sensation and reflection
• We are all born with the building blocks to
become who we are.

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Francis Bacon
1561 - 1626

Knowledge is Power.

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• Wrote on questions of law, state and religion, as
well as on contemporary politics.
• Novum organum- deals with rule of interpreting
• Bacon's Idols are found his most critical
examination of man-made impediments which
mislead the mind's objective reasoning.

• Idols of the Tribe (Idola tribus)- are rooted in
human nature itself and in the very tribe or race of
• Idols of the Cave (Idola specus)- everyone has
his own special cave or den which scatters and
discolours the light of nature.

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• Idols of the Market (Idola fori)- derived as if from
the mutual agreement and association of the
human race.
men's commerce and partnerships.
men associate through conversation
• Idols of the Theatre (Idola theatri) -idols which
have misguided into men's souls from the dogmas
of the philosophers and misguided laws of
demonstration as well
• Philosophies received and discovered are...
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