Models of Communication

Topics: Communication, Rhetoric, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: January 21, 2013
24 August 2012
Teacher: Naren Rao

Communication Model: A model is an abstracted model of reality. A good model comes as close to reality as possible and discusses and explains the reality. But being an abstraction, a model is not a reality; it is only a representation of reality. For e.g: an architectural model is only a model of the house giving a fair idea of the number of rooms, layout etc; but it is not the house per say. Defination: communication model is a pictorial representation to show the structure of communication process in which various components/ elements are linked. They are based on assumptions that theorists make as to how communication functions and what effect it has upon individuals and society.a a variety of models exist, all of which strive to explain the different components of communication and the role each part plays in the total process. Advantages of models:

* They allow us to ask questions
* They clarify complexity by reducing the process to simple, more familiar terms. * They lead us to new discoveries by positioning hypothetical ideas and relationships. Limitations
* Can lead to over-simplification.
* Can lead to confusion between models and the actual behavior it potrays. * Models can be confused with reality.
By looking at the models we hope to:
* Represent the main lines of thought above the process of mass communication. * It provides us with historical review of the progress in human understanding of how communication works. Functions of models:

* Providing images of the whole that one may not otherwise be able to see. * Helps in understanding information in a simplified way which would be otherwise complicated and ambiguous. Evaluation of communication models:

* How general is the model? How much material does it organize? * How fruitful is the model? How helpful is it in discovering relations, facts or materials? * How accurate and original is the...
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