Mobile Computing and Social Networking

Topics: Patient, Health care, Medicine Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: April 25, 2014

CIS 500
Mobile Computing and Social Networking
Dr. Ave K. Kludze, Jr

Mobile computing has dramatically changed how information is accessed and shared. Wireless networking has been an enabler of mobile computing. One profession that mobile computing has had a big impact on is health care management. Patients are now able to monitor their vital signs such as blood pressure, glucose levels, etc. without having to periodically visit a doctor’s office or hospital. Compare and contrast monitoring of patient vital signs using mobile computing technology to in-patient visits to the doctor’s office or hospital. With the new information age, health care providers are expected to keep up with the new healthcare technologies, treatments, medications, and different procedures that are introduced to our consumers at a rapid pace. Traditional medical practices in the past have made this process almost impossible because the systems were unable to organize, store, and retrieve medical and patient information. But today's information systems have made the impossible possible. With new technology, come technical problems that will have both pros and cons in mobile computing technology for better and safer health care. Some problems include improving the quality of patient care and patient safety, preventing medical errors, reducing healthcare costs, helping patients manage their conditions better, and minimizing the impact of the new enemy we all face-bioterrorism. In 1968, the Massachusetts General Hospital developed the COSTAR (Computer Stored Ambulatory Record) which creates and stores an electronic version of the patient's record which includes information from their medical history, lab reports, physical examinations, diagnosis, and treatment (Kass-Bartimes & Ortiz, 2002). This high-tech system was put in place to improve the quality of care and reduce costs. It can also lead to......
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