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How does your poem and the related text material convey the changing attitudes of the migrant experience in Australia in the 20th and 21st Centuries? Today Australia is known as a multicultural society even though for the past few centuries migration and immigrants have been a sensitive topic in the Australian politics. Throughout the development of the Australian society many laws and policies and been put and taken out of actions to create the country that Australians live in today.

Originally Australians were fearful that the country would be overtaken by the immigrants that we welcomed into the country to prevent this from happening the Australian government in 1973 put in place the white Australian policy, which refused to take any immigrant that couldn’t pass a dictation test. In 1975 the Whitlam Government passed the Racial Discrimination Act, which made racially-based selection criteria illegal

Since 1975 a racial discrimination act was passed by the Whitlam government which made racially based selection criteria illegal. In the current century and society of Australia, Australians have mixed emotions on the topic of migrants. Generally the stories that public hear on the news and through the headlines are the stories of tragedy and lose of human lives.

Young immigrant and the happiest refugee a form of nonfiction writing about the impact of their own experience migrating to Australia. Even though both of them are in the same context as both of the authors have crossed the ocean from Vietnam to Australia at a very young age. Although the context maybe the same there is a contrast between the two texts.

Young immigrant written by 15 year old Andrea rashbrook is based on her personal thoughts and feelings of her experience. Like most texts and poems studied in class her story and content is based on the negative experiences. This text allows the readers to continue on with the negative attitude that comes along with the migrant experience. With...
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