Miscommunication Incident

Topics: Communication, Broadcasting, Thought Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: January 15, 2013
In our day to day life we communicate with each other. Communication is the flow of ideas and information from one person to another or to a group. Effective communication occurs when receiver understands the exact idea and  information that the sender has transmitted. But sometimes miscommunication occurs which is failure to communicate effectively and clearly. Miscommunication occurs either due to lack of concentration of receiver, false information, barriers etcetera. 

I would describe a miscommunication incident which occurred on the first day i landed in Canada. As i was coming from India so my Uncle would come to receive me at airport. while giving him the details of the flight some misunderstanding occurred. I was about to arrive here at 1PM on Dec' 28 2012. I called my Uncle from India and told him about my flight Schedule. He thought that i will reach at 1PM according to Indian standard time and made calculations about the time gap. I reached here and after getting through Security Checks and Immigration, when i came out of the airport, I see that there was no one to receive me. I waited there for half an hour and started thinking what the reason could be. Then i called my Uncle. He said that he had waited for 2 hours and then rushed to his office. Then i realized that some misinterpretation has occurred. He then came back again and took me home. I realized that this miscommunication occurred  due to the time gap between two countries and lack of information delivered  to the  receiver by the sender. 
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