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Introduction: The real estate sector in India has come long way by becoming of the fastest growing market in the World .It is not only successfully attracting domestic real estate developers but foreign investors as well .The growth of the industry is attributed mainly to a large population base rising income level rapid urbanization .

The sector comprises of four sub sectors

While housing contributes to 5 – 6% of the country’s G D P .The remaining three sub sectors are also growing at a rapid rate meeting the increasing infrastructural needs.

ABOUT THE INDUSTRY: Real estate is “ property consisting of land and buildings on it along with its natural resources such as crops , minerals , or water ; immovable property of this nature and item of real property building or housing in general .Also the business of real estate the profession of buying selling or renting land , buildings or housing . It is a legal term used in jurisdiction such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Business sector: With the development of private property ownership real estate has become a major area of business commonly referred to as commercial real estate, purchasing real estate requires a significant investment and each parcel of land has unique characteristics, so the real estate industry has involved into several distinct fields. Specialists are often called on to valuate real estate and facilitate transactions . Some kind of real estate business include:

Net leasing
Property management
Real estate marketing
Relocation services
Within each field, a business may specialize in a particular type of real estate, such as: Residential, commercial, or industrial properties in addition almost all construction business effectively has a connection of real estate.

Major categories in India and Asian sub continents
Co operative housing societies (CHS)
Builder flats
Independent floors
Lar dora

Major players in the industry:
1. R.V Estates
2. Metro Assetz
3. Vikhyath real estate
4. Garden city properties

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. It generates the strategy that underlies the sales techniques, business communications, and business developments. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves. Marketing is used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, and keep the customer. With the customer as focus on its activities it can be concluded that marketing management is one of the major components of business management. Marketing evolved to meet the stasis in developing new markets caused by mature markets and over capacities in the last 2-3 centuries. The adoption of marketing strategies requires businesses to shift their focus from production to the perceived needs and wants of their customers as the means of staying profitablbe


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to create a competitive advantage by being the best at understanding, communicating, delivering, and developing existing customer relationships, in addition to creating and...
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