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Racial Profiling In America
Michael Miller
Everest University Online
ENC 1102 48 Composition II
Instructor: Deena Shehata
September 22nd 2013

Racial Profiling In America

Everybody has been taught to hate black, whether its black ice, a black cat, or black plague to the black sheep, the verdict is already been handed down, everything black is bad. That’s what history has told the world. From the days of old, to modern times, black has been associated with death, wrong, or misfortune. So it’s no wonder that in today’s society we associate everything bad with black. From a walk in the park, to a drive down the lakefront to quiet bonding with family, those peaceful and contempt situations can be upheaved in an instant by crime, and for those thought to be the perpetrators, there’s the constant threat of harassment. But although those serene moments can be disturbed by dark forces, who’s to say that that it’s the dark skinned race that causes the trouble? Who says that it is predetermined that those of darker descent are the one to blame for this misfortune? Racial profiling may be unjust, but in this day and age, it is necessary to some extent.

Racial Profiling In America

The notion that black is a precursor for bad has been a tradition for years, not only in the United States, but around the world, and there’s no sign that it is letting up. From Emmitt Till to Trayvon Martin, the black population has been a target for the world’s misfortune and short-comings. I can remember as a child that walking in the wrong neighborhood could lead to some of the most dangerous situations one could imagine. Some people would look at me with that “what are you doing around here?” expression, or other kids would chase me and friends just far enough out of their neighborhood until we were back in a “black hood”, then we were ok.

The threat of violence for being the wrong color is very real. We’ve seen both blacks and whites pulled...

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