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Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Program Evaluation and Review Technique Pages: 10 (1068 words) Published: April 22, 2014
SE 477 Midterm Review Guide
All material covered in lectures 1 to 5 may be included in the Midterm exam Exam format:
Expected duration: < 1.5 hour.
Maximum time allowed 3 hours.
I may say “give 5 types of ‘things’”
Like estimation techniques or methodologies
I may ask ‘Tell me two approaches to X’
Especially interested in the pros & cons
You did your readings, yes?
Text & class slides
Review – Estimate & Schedule
Four primary steps
Define work to be done (WBS)
Estimate size
Estimate effort
Build schedule
Review - WBS
Types: Process, product, hybrid
Formats: Outline or graphical org chart
Shows hierarchical task relationships
High-level version does not show dependencies or durations
What hurts most is what’s missing
Becomes input to many things, esp. schedule
Approaches to building WBS
Review – Estimation
Size Estimation Techniques
Bottom-up vs. Top-down
Expert Judgment
Parametric (not the formulas, just the gist)
Function Points
Schedule presentation techniques
Q3, 6-8 months, best/worst case
Review - Scheduling
Types: mandatory, etc.
Relationships: FS, SF, etc.
Network Diagrams
Schedule Optimization Techniques
Things I Won’t Ask
Ambiguous terminology
Tasks vs. Activities vs. Work Packages
Details of Function Point calculation method
Topics covered:
Projects & Project Management
What is a project?
Project characteristics
How are IT projects different?
What is project management?
What makes a project successful?
Project Success/Failure
Why do IT projects fail?
Project success factors
Projects & System Development Life Cycles
What is a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?
Project life cycle phases
Project Management life cycles
Project Management project phases
Project stakeholders
Organizational Structures
Project Management Processes (Principles of Project Management) Software Process
Initiating processes (Defining)
Planning processes
Executing processes
Monitoring & controlling processes
Closing processes
System Development Processes
Inception phase
Elaboration phase
Construction phase
Transition phase
Initial Phase
Project Management Processes
Developing the project charter
Developing the preliminary project scope statement
The business reasons for the project
Where the project fits in the business
How this fit influences your chances of success
The project customers
Identifying stakeholders and their needs
Developing strategies to effectively manage involvement
The project objectives
System Development Processes
Inception phase activities
Organizational Structures & Influences
Project Planning—Introduction
PMI planning process group
Why plan?
Planning and control
Planning in the iterative development model
Project Planning—Integration
The Project Management Plan
Project Planning–Scope Management
Scope planning
Project detailed scope statement
Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
The 100% rule
WBS representations
Evolutionary WBS
Rolling wave planning revisited
WBS dictionary
Project Planning–Activity Definition
WBS as template for activity definition\
Methods of Generating WBS
Approaches to Building WBS
Activity definition workflow
Project Planning–Activity Sequencing
Precedence diagram method
Dependency types
Leads and lags
Estimating project size and complexity
Estimating tools
(PERT) Three point estimating tool
Personal Software Process (PSP)
Activity resource estimating output
Project Planning–Activity Resource Estimating
Resource Management
Assessing Competencies and Skills
Resource allocation
Project Planning–Activity Duration Estimating
Estimating tools
PERT estimation technique
Project Planning–Schedule Development
Schedule network analysis
Precedence table (or diagram)
Critical Path Method (CPM)
Forward and backward pass analysis
Calculating float
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