Microsoft Excel Exercise It Wk4

Topics: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft, Spreadsheet Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: July 1, 2012
Complete the following tasks by using the Microsoft® Excel®document provided in Course Materials:  Format appropriate cells for currency.
 Merge title cells.
 Construct a bar graph using the existing data and provide labels and a legend.  Insert a border around data.
 Freeze the first column of the data set.
 Sort the daily spending amounts in ascending order.
 Using the Tools menu, set the Excel spreadsheet to be protected.  Calculate the sum of the entire data set.
 Calculate the average of the entire data set.
 Delete any empty cells between the data cells to condense the data. Read the following scenario:
You are working at a support desk for a company providing onsite and telephone support to customers with Microsoft®Excel® questions. On this particular day, you are presented with the following three situations: Situation 1: A business professional wants to use Microsoft®Excel® to organize data for the monthly expense report. He has never used Microsoft® Excel® and is inquiring about the functions that would support him with this task. Situation 2: A husband is having difficulties with his Microsoft®Excel® spreadsheet. He has been trying to track his monthly grocery spending to find the daily average he spends on food. The spreadsheet is organized by day, and for the days in which no groceries were purchased, he enters zero. He is seeking assistance to calculate the correct monthly average. Situation 3: A local grocery store owner has created a spreadsheet containing the types of inventory she carries within the store. The spreadsheet contains 235 different kinds of inventory, defined by price, quantity on hand, ordered quantity, and category. She loses her placement every time she scrolls through the data set. She wants to know how to effectively scroll through the data sheet and manage this large data set. Write a 1-page response for each of the three situations. Include the following in each response:  Identify a general approach for...
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