Microbiology Lab Report Essay Example

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Lab Report #1: Observing Bacteria

This lab exercise familiarized the student with the use of a microscope by observing and identifying various different slides under the microscope. The student practiced observing the given slides under the 10x, 40x, and 100x (oil immersion) objective lenses, which allowed for the identification of the different organism’s shapes and sizes. Purpose:

The aim of this exercise is to equip the student with the knowledge and skill necessary for conducting microscopic observations. It is also intended to teach the student the various sizes and shapes of several different types of bacteria. Procedure:

1. Focus the microscope on a slide containing the letter ‘e’.
2. Focus the microscope on 6 other prepared slides.

3. Focus the microscope on slides Bacteria spirillum, Bacteria coccus, and Bacteria bacillus.

4. Prepare a fresh yoghurt slide for viewing under the microscope, and then compare what you see to what you see on your prepared slide from the lab kit.

1. The microscope was focused on the “e” slide and the slide was observed using the 10x objective lens as well as 40x objective lens.

2. The microscope was focused on the following 6 slides:

* Anabaena, w.m.

Under 10x magnification: several groupings of purple cells. A white/blank patch appeared in the center of each grouping, though in some, this patch also contained some purple.

Under 40x magnification: chains of purple cells.

Anabaena – under 10x magnification

* Amoeba proteus

Under 10x magnification: a pink, irregularly shaped organism with deeper and redder splotched nucleuses.

Under 40x magnification: aside from seeing the dark stained nucleuses of these irregular shaped organisms, other smaller organisms with deeply shaded internal structures are also seen.

Amoeba Proteus – under 10x magnification

* Pencillum with Conidia, w.m.

Under 10x magnification: parallel streaks of light blue and light green, with the uppermost strip of cells being a dark green.

Under 40x magnification: a more detailed view of each of what appears to be 5 streaks. Each streak is made up of chains/webs of cells. The uppermost streak appears dark green with some black cells. The 2nd to highest streak appears light green with a lesser density of cell accumulation. The 3rd to highest streak appears deep green with more cell accumulation. The 4th to highest streak appears identical in nature to the 2nd to highest streak listed above. The bottommost streak appears light blue and the least webbed (neatest looking) compared to the other 4.

Pencillum with conidia – under 10x magnification

* Yeast, w.m.

Under 10x magnification: a sporadic assortment of tiny purple cells.

Under 40x magnification: a discernment of round purple cells some single and some cluttered together in clusters.

Yeast – under 10x magnification

* Ascaris eggs, w.m.

Under 10x magnification: a view of distinctly round shaped yellow cells; some are individual while most are grouped together.

Under 40x magnification: some of the cells are dark yellow while others are a very light yellow or rather pale looking. Organelles can be seen within each cell but the detail of their structure remains undetectable. A sturdy membrane can be seen surrounding each of the cells.

Ascaris eggs – under 10x magnification

* Paramecium conjugation.

Under 10 x magnification: four pairs of purple oval shaped organism’s two halves to a pair. Some of them are more loosely separated and some closer together. In each oval a nucleus is easily noticeable.

Under 40 x magnification: cilia surrounding the internal cell can be seen.

Paramecium conjugation – under 10x magnification

3. The microscope was focused on the following 3 slides:

* Bacteria spirillum.

Under 40x magnification: a scene of lots...
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