Mgts 7202 Mid Term Asssignment

Topics: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 2007 Pages: 11 (3483 words) Published: August 14, 2013

SEMESTER 1, 2013 


This assignment is designed to help students to learn the technological aspects of business information systems in general. Through this assignment, students will gain hands-on experience with software application essential for their future work. This assignment requires the creation of an integrative application using Microsoft Office 2010, in particular Microsoft Excel & Access. The purpose of this assignment is to test the students’ ability in operating and managing business data in both Access databases and Excel spreadsheets. Through the tutorials, students will be taught the basic skills to complete this assignment, and provided with practical exercises similar to those in the assignment. Therefore, it is essential that students attend each tutorial in order to be able to successfully complete the assignment. The assignment is worth 40 marks that equal to 40% of your overall grade achievable in this course. This assignment has been particularly designed to suit the workload of two students. It is therefore recommended that you work in groups of TWO students (maximum 2 students); however, you are able to work by yourself. This assignment requires no prior technical background. Moreover, it is designed for business students in general to appreciate basic IT applications. Prior familiarity with the software tools could be beneficial, but will not guarantee a significant advantage or higher marks.

At the beginning of each semester, the University’s Campus Bookstore is always crowded because students search through the bookshelves to select the textbooks for their courses. Often there are long queues lined up at the cashiers. The crowdedness at peak times does not only hurt service quality and customer satisfaction, but also creates other issues such as staff scheduling problems and security concerns. As a response to these problems, management of the Campus Bookstore has recently set up a web store. Consumers can now - in a self-serving manner - browse book information, e.g. search a particular category of books, or a book by a particular author or title, and purchase books online. Currently, staff manages the web store purchases via email orders. The online store has alleviated some of the peak load problems, increased sales and customer satisfaction, and reduced operational costs. However, management believes that online services could be the future of the bookstore. Therefore, it wishes to encourage students to use the newly developed online services by giving them incentives, but also wishes to do such as that profits will not be negatively affected. Although a web store was set up, management also wants to revamp their computer-based information systems for staffing, inventory and sales management. It is one of the tasks for this assignment that you assist the bookstore in this plan. In addition, the bookstore wants to use the wealth of the data they collect through the website to enhance its decision quality. If the data are analyzed in the right way, the bookstore management can improve various business decisions. For example, a marketing analysis could show which student responds how to various incentive schemes for online purchases (e.g. a coupon voucher with a certain cash rebate upon book delivery, or a fixed percentage discount on each book purchased). Other important business decisions the management bookstore needs to make are: Which strategy is more effective for increasing sales? What are the impacts of different incentive schemes to the revenue and profitability? If a fixed discount is given to online purchases, what percentage is the best for maximizing profitability? Furthermore, what size discounts for online purchases should be offered for online purchases considering that a too large a discount will decrease profitability? These types of...
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