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Training lecture notes 10-24
Training – we recruited ppl assuming they had the necessary KSAOs, could be argued that we have already maximized these through recruitment, etc. so why continue training? If you did a good job recruiting/selecting these people.

Train for a variety of reasons. Planned effort to help employees with job-related knowledge, skills, behaviors to have these people apply the KSAOs they apply on the job. Why do this if you already selected based on KSAOs. Don’t see training provided/given to new hires only – give it to people already on job. Consider Apple stores. Somerset mall in troy zoo in the store, people need to be taught how to use ipad, iphone 4s. often times companies make companies and employees need to be trained on those specific changes. Some people expect to be developed. Join org don’t have the expectations to be there permanently. People expect to develop their skills as they stay with a particular company.

Pressure point – employee has hard time meeting standards. Wife had coworker who needed anger management training cuz he was beliggerint instead of firing him.

Training can also occur with people who have been on the job for quite some time. Use instructional design process – don’t mean its rigid/flexible you have to go through this to get a sueccesful training program. It’s a guideline/rule of thumb what you would need to create a successful training program.

Conduct needs assessment
Answer 3 questions who needs training? What do they need training on? Social context surrounding trainging program that might facilitate it or impede it. Correspond to the person-analysis/task/org analysis respectively.

Organizational analysis – how do you create that support? Showing/ways you can show that training is actually effective, you are able to show that to people that say if you are able to do this training program effectively, you will need it to be successful.

Person analysis – could be a particular group/people who need training.

Office clip on training:
Should you drive forklift? No
Michael becomes the pressure point, he is the one that needs the training There are no goals that are specifically set in the training program (stretch, circulation etc), take that seriously and want to train employees on see if training was actually effective. Talked about goal setting, setting specific challenging goals and evaluating them based on whether they actually achieve these goals.

Task analysis. Zero in on the specific things that the training program will target. Job analysis Entire chapter devoted to job analysis, break tasks down and rate them. Identify the knowledge, skills and other factors to perform each of those tasks. List the knowledge skills and other factors needed to perform those tasks. Focus training on takas you deem important/ performed frequently.dont want impossible or difficult things, resource for task analysis, occupational network

Summary of business professor, knowledge of them, skills, ability (according to occupational network)

Quizzes at end – no motivation to do the optional ones at the end, intrinsic motivation to learn the material, if some type of benefit can be attached to it like increased career progression that can increase motivation to learn.

Self-efficacy – peoples beliefs and their capabilitiyes to execute certain forces of action, your self confidence belief in your ability to perform a specific task. Ex sports – good self efficacy for gold, low for basketball it varys by task can have generalized self efficacy. Most of the time we talk about it with regards to a particular task. You can model/watch someone perform the task. That’s one issue that affects motivation

Conscientiousness –are more motivated when it comes to training programs Openness to experience – tends not to do much. Saw it being fairly important for leadership in terms of correlations from last class (effective leader)...
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