MGI 301 Exam 2 Study Guide

Topics: Termination of employment, Employment, Sociology Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Chapter 6: HR Decision Making in Organizations (a.k.a., Retention and Turnover) Study:
   -Methods for increasing employees (pros/cons)
   -Methods for decreasing employees (pros/cons), including justice perceptions with layoffs    -Effects of downsizing/layoffs, alternatives
Managing Terminations and Retention
   -Alternatives to termination
   -Progressive discipline system
   -Protection from termination (e.g., laws, contract, etc.) Managing Voluntary Turnover
   -Causes and the basic model of turnover
   -Unfolding model of turnover, four ways that it occurs
   -Causes of job satisfaction
   -Effects of job satisfaction
Ethics and HRM (read this section on your own)
Don't worry about:
Managing HR during Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 7: Recruitment and Selection
Sources for Recruitment
   -Internal (pros/cons)
   -External (pros/cons)
   -Realistic Job Previews
Attraction-Selection-Attrition (the importance of goals)
Selection process
   -Popular selection techniques (pros/cons), achievement vs. aptitude tests, etc.    -Personality
   -Interviews (methods, errors), ways in which fit assessments may be biased Top 5 most effective staffing techniques
Making the selection decision (banding, types of errors)
Effectiveness (and ways to enhance them)
Don't worry about:
Legal Issues in Recruiting and Selection
Chapter 8: Managing a Diverse Workforce
How the workforce is changing
   -Issues related to older workers
   -Issues related to gender
   -Issues related to racial diversity (don't worry about specific percentages of those employed, just know the overall idea) Knowledge workers and the issues associated with them (this was something you had to read on your own) Diversity management

Values that occur across cultures, and other things (needs, compensation, etc.) that can be important to all people regardless of diversity 6 ways in which diversity can create a...
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