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Getting Started

Writing Guidelines


Evaluation Criteria for Task One


I. Getting Started

Steps to complete task one

1. Choose a scenario from the list provided separately
2. Choose a national mission to address
3. Write your policy memorandum
4. Make sure that your policy memorandum is consistent with the submission guidelines below 5. Submit your memo

Step 1: Choose a scenario

Students should write amemorandum on one of the government national missions on climate change. (Provided in the separate document)

Step 2: Choose a national mission to address

The national missions are listed in the separate document sent along with this. Choose any of the national missions which are a part of the government of India’s “National Action Plan on Climate Change” Your memorandum should be addressed to the government responding to the action plan your decide to choose from the document attached along.

We encourage you to discuss specific features of the national mission such that you are familiar with the mission and its details.

Step 3: Write your memorandum

In your policy memorandum, you will address and respond to the mission you have chosen and try to convince your target audience that you understand the situation and its relevance and the action you propose to implement an altered version it in your organization giving reasons for the alterations, listing problems you envisage and therefore the practical recommendations for suggestions or change you suggest.

In your policy memorandum you are tasked to develop advocacy messages which:

 Outline the nature of the problem;
 Argue for the adoption of your chosen approach to solving the problem; and finally,  Propose a set of practical recommendations for action by policymakers/target audience.

The arguments you put forward should be supported by a range of sources and are the result of a process of weighing the pros and cons of the main approaches to solving the problem. You will also work on the design and layout of your policy memorandum so that it looks professional and encourages readers to take your ideas seriously. Prior to writing your policy memorandum, please familiarise yourself with the topic Step 4: Make sure that your policy memorandum is consistent with the submission guidelines below:

 Length: Between 800 and 1200 words, not including the list of sources consulted or bibliography.

Format: Upload your policy memorandum in Word or PDF format in a font not smaller than 11 point.

Citation style: Use APA embedded citation. This is a citation style where a short form of the source is given in brackets in the main text after the statement that requires a source. The long form of the source is stated in the bibliography at the end of the text.

 Paginate: Include a page number on each page.

Reference code: Put your NAME on each page.

 Spell and grammar check: Ensure you complete both before submitting your policy memorandum.

Step 5: Submit policy memorandum

Submit your detailed Memo in soft forms to the class representative by the end of the Day (Wednesday, 4th September, 2013)

II. Writing Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when planning and writing your policy memorandum. The guidelines are aimed to help you design a persuasive policy response to the hypothetical problems outlined in the scenarios of the first task.

Judges will evaluate your papers based on the qualities outlined below, so carefully following them means increasing your chance of making it to the second stage of the Challenge. You can find more information on how judges will evaluate your...
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