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What is the Final Assignment?

We will fire enthusiasm for learning - develop understanding of managing - and thereby change organisations.
Preparation for the Final assignment

Final Assignment

How well positioned are you to complete?

1. Have you read the unit plan and are you clear about what you have to do for the final assignment and have you read past examples?

2. Have you understood the broad concepts and frameworks introduced in the unit sufficiently to use them to investigate your chosen case study?

3. Have you structured a clear plan of how you will analyse and write up your case study?

4. Have you begun reflecting on yourself as a leader of change and begun to thing about the areas you would like to develop your capability?

5. Have you explored all the materials available on blackboard – the assignment guide - the weekly notes, the powerpoint slides and some articles to extend your knowledge and understanding of leading and managing change in organisations?

6. Have you reviewed the 33 key issues and thought about how they may be relevant to your case study project? (they follow in this document)

7. Have you reviewed what we have covered in the unit so that you can make sure you have linked your case study to the concepts we have explored? (map of the unit follows in this document).

8. Have you arranged to have a couple of people read your final report a few days before you hand it in?

9. Have you started to reflect on what you have learned and need to learn for your personal review at the end of the assignment?

A model you can follow for your final assignment report:
First ……

Take note of the advice given after your presentation and on your mark sheet for assignment 2.

Read the advice on blackboard and make sure your plan covers what is asked for in the unit outline

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