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Topics: Law of cosines, Angle, Trigonometry Pages: 3 (661 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Unit 4 – Trigonomitry Quiz
True or False Questions, circle your answer.
1. cos(α)=opposite/adjacent true false
2. sin(54)=3.4/2.7 truefalse

3. sin(α)/a=sin(β)/b is the same as a/sin(β)=b/sin(α)
true false
4. SohCahToa is not the same as primary trigonomic ratios
true false
5. The cosine law is: cos(γ)=(a²+b²-c²)/(2ab)
true false

Multiple Choice, mark your answer(s).
1. sin(20°)=45.9/c
a.) c=88.79
b.) c=134.21
c.) c=50.28
d.) c=45.9/sin(20°)
2. How do you calculate the perimiter of a triangle?
a.) P=a²+b²-c²
b.) A=bh/2
c.) P=a+b+c
c.) A=l*w
3. What would you use to find out x?
a.) the sine law
b.) sine the trigonomic ratio
c.) first the cosine law then the sine law
d.) first the sine law then tangent the trigonomic ratio 4. What is x from the triangle above?
a.) x=34.77°
b.) x= 97.5°
c.) x= 120.99°
d.) x=59.123°
5. You can definitely use SohCahToa if:
a.) you have 2 angles and an opposite angle
b.) you have 3 sides
c.) you have 2 angles and one side
d.) you have a right angled triangle

6.) sin(α)/a=sin(β)/b is:
a.) cosine law
b.) SohCahToa
c.) sine law
d.) tangent law

Give a short answer:
1. If you want to use the sine law to solve x, which sides and/or angles would you need? Explain.
I would need side c plus another one with the corresponding angle because for the sine law I need the side that corresponds to the wanted angle and another angle and side set. Here I could do: sin(x)/c=sin(α)/a or sin(x)/c=sin(β)/b. Another possibility is to have a, angle a and b, then I could find out angle b and subtract both known angles from 180°.

2. Explain how you would solve the triangle.
I would use the cosine law to find out c. Then I could use the sine law to find out either A or B. The left over angle I could find out by subtracting the ones I...
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