Management Styles Study Guide

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Chapter- Organizing

Organizing, Organizational Structure, Key elements of organizing, Departmentation and its types, Chain of command, Authority, Responsibility, Accountability, Line Authority and Staff Authority, Span of Control, Power, Formalization, Matrix Structure, Team Structure, Learning Organization, Centralization and Decentralization

Chapter- Direction

The meaning of direction, components of direction function.

What is motivation, Theories of motivation- Maslow's Needs Hierarchy

Meaning of communication, types of communication, grapevine, presentation skills

Meaning of Leadership, styles of leadership

Meaning of delegation

Chapter- Control

What is control, why control, MBWA, Three steps in control process

Chapter-Decision Making

What is decision making, step in decision making process,


1. What is departmentation? Discuss different forms of departmentalization with suitable examples

2. What is an organizational chart? Draw an organizational chart of any organization of your choice, specifying the type of departmentation.
3. What is communication? Briefly explain any three barriers of communication with suitable examples


1. Controlling compares ________ to see if goals are being achieved.

A) planned performance to standard performance
B) standard performance to ideal performance
C) actual performance to competitor performance
D) actual performance to planned performance

Answer: D

Explanation: D) Controlling compares how the organization actually performed to the goals and plans that were set during the planning stage of the management process, making "actual performance to planned performance" the correct response and ruling out all other responses. If the actual performance matches what was planned, goals are considered met and the organization in most cases can consider itself successful. However, if actual performance is judged to be insufficient for some reason, then the organization will consider its performance to be inadequate and take some kind of action to remedy the situation.

2. A manager measuring actual performance is like a teacher ________. A) composing a test
B) grading a test
C) helping a student study for a test
D) making an assignment

Answer: B

Explanation: B) When a teacher composes a test, gives an assignment, or helps a student prepare for a test, she is not actually assessing or measuring performance. Instead she is creating the tools for assessing performance. Only when a teacher evaluates the test is she measuring actual performance, making "grading a test" the correct response.

3. A state motor vehicles agency that is interested in serving the public might choose to measure ________. A) total revenue rather than customer wait time
B) total customers rather than total revenue
C) customer wait time rather than total customers
D) employee turnover rather than customer wait time

Answer: C

Explanation: C) Since the agency is interested in serving the public, its priority should be something that the public cares about—how long it needs to wait to be processed at the agency, making customer wait the correct response. The number of customers or revenue they generate are clearly secondary concerns for an organization whose primary aim is to serve the public. Employee turnover rate does not involve customers so it can also be ruled out as a correct response.

4. ________ reflects the degree to which decision making is distributed through out the hierarchy rather than concentrated at the top.

A) Centralization
B) Span of Control
C) Concentration
D) Decentralization
Answer: D

Explanation: D) By definition, decentralization refers to the opposite of top-down decision making: the more decentralized decisions in an organization...
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