Madame Bovary

Topics: Marriage, Madame Bovary, Love Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Synopsis of the Work

Madame Bovary opens with Charles Bovary, who is dull and boring. He barely becomes a second-rate country doctor when his mother sets him up to marry a widow. After she dies, he is lonely and poor. This is when he meets Emma who is a daughter of one of his patients. When they get married, Emma is unsatisfied with the marriage and it's not how she imagined it to be. She becomes depressed and ill and when she finds out she is pregnant, Charles moves out of the village in hopes of making her feel better. When the Bovarys move to Yonville, Emma meets Homaise and Leon After her daughter, Berthe, was born, Emma was disappointed with motherhood and began to have feelings for Leon. Once she finds out that Leon loves her, she become a devoted wife and mother. This makes Leon leave to study law in Paris, which then makes Emma miserable. After the departure of Leon, Emma meets Rodolphe and begins to have an affair with him. The affair is so intense that Emma borrows money to buy Rodolphe gifts. Rodolphe soon ends the relationship leaving Emma heartbroken which leads to her nearly dying. When Emma recovers, Charles faces financial trouble from borrowing money to pay off Emma's treatment. He then takes her to an opera in Rouen where they encounter Leon. This encounter encouraged a love affair between Emma and Leon. Over time, Emma becomes bored with Leon and ends the relationship. At this point, Emma's debts increase daily and is threatened by the Lheureux to pay her debt. This leads to her prostituting herself to Rodolphe, which he denies. This depresses her and Emma decides to commit suicide by eating arsenic, and she dies in terrible agony. Charles mourned over his wife, until he found love letters from Rodolphe and Leon. This is when Charles realizes the truth and dies in his garden. Berthe is sent off to work in a cotton mill.
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