Machiavellian Villain Essay Example

Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: March 18, 2011
The term “Machiavellian” was adopted in the sixteenth century and was often used to introduce political tracts that offered more than just reasons of state. Today we use Machiavellian to describe a person who deceives and manipulates others for a personal good, like Iago in Othello. The actions that are taken by Iago are the ones that affect the results like in Machiavelli’s know book of the The_ Prince_, where the prince retains control of his realm. He focuses primary on the assumption that a prince has an easier task since the people are the ones that get accustom to him. He is the one that must stabilize his power and build a structure that will be endured among the others. In order to do this it requires him to be above public reproach and privately do immortal things in order to achieve his goals. A Machiavellian figure is mainly successful by obtaining and maintaining power. Iago in all his cruel actions was swift, effective and short-lived. As Machiavelli describes that good can come from the evil action, but only if it is seen from the right view point. Iago in Othello is often referred to a Machiavellian villain since he has every thing that is required to be one. A Machiavellian villain has to be intelligent in working throughout his mastered plan, like Iago did from the beginning by playing with people’s minds. It also requires to be boastful as in revealing plans in soliloquies. A Machiavellian villain must also have a great judge of character and use the weakness and strengths of the victims to achieve his goal. He must also know how to adjust resources to his plan and have other strategies as agents. The main principle of a Machiavellian villain believes that “the end justifies the means”. He must know when to isolate the evil and appear good among other characters. The fact that Iago plays the Machiavellian villain in Othello practically tells us that he is two faced character. He is a villain that learns from the outside experiences and doesn’t...
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