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Sustainable Construction
Biodiversity GuideContents
Foreword 03
Introduction 05
How to use this guide 07
The M&S biodiversity process 08
- M&S biodiversity process diagram
- M&S Site Biodiversity Action Plan (SBAP) requirements Guide to biodiversity design features 16
- Building level design features
- Building curtilage level design features
Case study of M&S Ecclesall Road store, Sheffield 45
- Photos of the site
- Extracts from the ecological survey
- Landscape plans
- Proposed biodiversity design features
- Extract from the Ecclesall Road SBAP
Legislation and key policy drivers 56
- Biodiversity Action Plans
- Wildlife legislation
- Planning policy
- BREEAM Retail 2008: Land Use and Ecology
Useful websites 65
Glossary 66
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02 Marks & Spencer Sustainable Construction Biodiversity GuideForeword Steve Fuller
Biodiversity is vital for current and future human wellbeing. The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity; a global campaign to encourage action to safeguard the irreplaceable natural wealth on which we all depend.

How we design, procure and build our stores has a direct impact on the environment and its fragile ecosystems. As a responsible retailer, we recognise the importance of protecting, and where possible, enhancing the environments in which we trade.

This guide has been developed to help us clarify our ambitions and priorities when considering biodiversity. It outlines a variety of solutions and explains the benefits and risks associated with them. Whilst it is not intended that this is an exhaustive list, it provides an overview for those who desire to learn more about the subject.

We recognise that many of these solutions will not offer a commercial payback. Having committed in Plan A to introduce biodiversity audits and action plans for major store building projects by 2011, we will need to assess the potential scope for each scheme.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing to work together to protect our natural environment.
Steve Fuller
Head of Construction and Store Architecture
Sustainable Construction Biodiversity Guide Marks & Spencer 03Foreword Dusty Gedge
I welcome the opportunity to write a brief introduction to the M&S Sustainable Construction Biodiversity Guide.
Over the last few years, I have been in discussion with M&S regarding the mainstreaming of biodiversity as part of achieving a lower ecological footprint. There is always the potential for conflict between development and nature conservation, however, the built environment can provide real opportunities for a range of wildlife.

Market leaders such as M&S can be standard bearers to ensure that the whole business community steps up a gear and embraces the need for good ecological design. In doing so, both business needs and the needs of the natural world can be combined.

This guide is an important part of that process. The fact that M&S has taken this step will help to ensure that consultants, designers and employees have a tool that embeds biodiversity into the ecological fabric of all store developments and modernisations.

Businesses can deliver tangible benefits to biodiversity, whether this is through ecological landscaping, green roofs or habitat provision in other forms. I am certain that this guide will lead to the creation of...
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