M&S Case Study

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The changing business environment of M&S company
Marks & Spencer department store developed from a booth in the market into present have 128 years history. It is one of the most worldwide brand in the world which have more than 800 store and 76000 staff. (corporate.marksandspencer.com 5/11/12) It is the the largest UK's retailer. The requirements they set for themselves are : Quality ,Value ,Service Innovation & Trust. Every products in Marks & Spence use their own brand which guarantee their quality and style. Their brand includes not only the clothings but also all the daily use, and its style is also suitable for the crowd of all ages. Meanwhile, the Marks & Spencer's food only be called "luxury food industry. M&S, which has more than 600 shops in Britain, has been expanding abroad aggressively in recent years, with new outlets in India, Dubai and China. Definition

Further research (Callaghan, Ellison and Watkin, 1982) showed that business environment include three parts which are individuals, business organisations and the state. Varying demands be requested by different individuals. If an individual has a special type of need then perhaps it could become one single supplier, whereas most people require goods and services which are relatively common with each other. This is the reason for build a large market which satisfy all demands for customer. This essay talks about how does the Marks & Spencer develop to a huge retail supermarket and how does the business environment influence the Marks & Spencer.

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The build of Marks & Spence
Michael Marks was the first chairman of Marks & Spence, he was originally born in 1859 in Slonim, a small part of Russian Poland. He escaped anti-Jewish repression and moved to England around 1882. He cannot speak English, had few friends and little money. Fortunately he had a sensitive idea of business and understood what customers required. After the...
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