M&M Meat Shops

Topics: Canada, Demographics, Marketing Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: August 1, 2010
Known as the store with hundreds of meal ideas but only one aisle, M&M Meat Shops is Canada’s largest retail chain of specialty frozen foods with over 470 locations coast to coast. The demand for “ready-to-heat food” is increasing as more and more households are finding that they just don’t have time to make a home-cooked meal. This is an important demographic dimension for the company.

The first M&M store opened in October1980. It was based on a consumer insight by founders Mark Nowak and Mac Voisin that it wasn’t possible to buy restaurant quality steaks in retail outlets. Neither Nowak, a lawyer, nor Voisin, an engineer had much marketing experience, however when the company started offering franchises, they did recognized the need to have a segmentation methodology to help them assess potential new locations. The M&M Concept

The M&M concept is simple: provide our customers with the finest quality products at affordable prices in the most customer-friendly way. Each store is set up with one convenient aisle and large, glass-door freezers to display products. Customers can easily view the entire selection, making the shopping experience much easier compared to visiting several aisles in a large grocery store. In addition to the ease of finding products, M&M’s fully trained, certified Product Consultants, will answer any questions customers may have, as well as provide helpful preparation tips and meal suggestions. M&M offers more than 375 products, the majority of which are flash-frozen. Flash freezing ensures retention of natural flavour and nutrition, and allows meats to be aged perfectly before being frozen quickly. Fruits and vegetables are frozen at their height of ripeness. Products are portioned for ease of cooking and before anything reaches our stores, all of our products undergo vigorous quality testing. M&M Meat Shops uses demographics, to gain insights into their geographic trade areas,...
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