M. K. GandM. K. Gandhi and Ho Chi Minh: Paths to Independencehi and Ho Chi Minh: Paths to Independence

Topics: Ho Chi Minh, World War II, British Empire Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: April 19, 2015
 Short Essay – Chapter 12: M. K. Gandhi and Ho Chi Minh: Paths to Independence

India and Vietnam, both were under the controlled of foreign country. British controlled India and at the time of the British left India, French made military control of the colonial Indochina. People in the country faced to the discrimination, for Gandhi as example, the British throw him out of the first-class train compartment as he was “coloured”, unequal treatment also appear in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh’s father lost his government job as the displaying anti-French sympathies. Both of two societies ask for freeing from foreign rule, but the differences were the two ways of the leaders ask for independence lead to two results which deeply change the societies.

Gandhi, aimed as using non-violent resistance movement against the British government of India, and Ho Chi Minh used violent resistance to defeat the French. The peaceful way of Gandhi’s success in freeing his country from British rule, but India separated into two parts, Hindu India, Muslim Pakistan. During the time, several million died from riots, civil war, and the disease. Vietnam spent more time and more difficult for its independence and unification, but at that time a real independence from foreign country appeared. For residents, Vietnam was a better place to live, after suffering a long period controlling of foreign country, people were tired to suffer any other more civil war and differentiation of their own country.

Both of them are the important person of the independence movement, wishing freedom from foreign rule, they also the first one to bring the rural masses into political life in their own country. But two of them use totally different method from other to demonstrate different suitability and appeal of nationalism. In the two different conditions of the societies, Ho Chi minh was a more successful of his society.

Gandhi said the spirit use the satyagraha which mean the non-voiolent, or “turth...
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