Lymphatic System

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Chapter 8 Lymphatic System

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II. Type questions & answers
1. Why is the lymphatic system important?
2. Name three functions of the lymphatic system.
3. What is the primary function of lymphs?
4. Describe the lymph nodes and their importance.
5. Describe the 6 major areas where lymph nodes are present. 6. What is the largest body of lymphoid tissue?
7. What is Hodgkin’s Disease?
8. Describe the spleen and its function.
9. Describe the immune system & its importance.
10. What are some disorders of the immune system?

III. Assignment: Two page paper on a particular virus and vaccines that have been developed. (MLA, works cited) IV. Presentation of virus

The lymphatic system and the cardiovascular system are closely related structures that are joined by a capillary system. The system is important to the body's defense mechanisms. It filters out organisms that cause disease, produces certain white blood cells and generates antibodies. It is also important for the distribution of fluids and nutrients in the body, because it drains excess fluids and protein so that tissues do not swell up. "Lymph" is a milky body fluid that contains a type of white blood cells, called "lymphocytes," along with proteins and fats. Lymph seeps outside the blood vessels in spaces of body tissues and is stored in the "lymphatic" system to flow back into the bloodstream. Through the flow of blood in and out of arteries, and into the veins, and through the lymph nodes and into the lymph, the body is able to eliminate the products of cellular breakdown and bacterial invasion. Two very large areas are of significance in this system - the right lymphatic duct which drains lymph fluid from the upper right quarter of the body above the diaphragm and down the midline, and the thoracic duct, a structure roughly sixteen inches long located in the mediastinum of the pleural cavity which drains the rest of the body. It is through the actions of this system including the spleen, the thymus, lymph nodes and lymph ducts that our body is able to fight infection and to ward off invasion from foreign invaders. Lymph plays an important role in the immune system and in absorbing fats from the intestines. The lymphatic vessels are present wherever there are blood vessels and transport excess fluid to the end vessels without the assistance of any "pumping" action. There are more than 100 tiny, oval structures (called lymph nodes). These are mainly in the neck, groin and armpits, but are scattered all along the lymph vessels. They act as barriers to infection by filtering out and destroying toxins and germs. The largest body of lymphoid tissue in the human body is the spleen. Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes generally occur in groups along the larger lymphatic vessels. They are distributed throughout the body, but they lack the tissues of the central nervous system. All lymph nodes have the primary function of the production of lymphocytes, which help defend the body against microorganisms and against harmful foreign particles and debris from lymph before it is returned to the blood stream. The major locations are in six areas: (1) the cervical region: nodes in this area are grouped along the lower border of the jaw, in front of and behind the ears, and deep in the neck along the larger blood vessels. They drain the skin of the scalp, face, tissues of the nasal cavity, and the pharynx (2) the axillary region: these nodes are in the underarm region and receive lymph from vessels that drain the arm, the walls of the thorax, the breast, and the upper walls of the abdomen; (3) inguinal region: the nodes in this area receive lymph from the legs, the outer portion of the genitalia and the lower abdominal wall; (4) the pelvic cavity: the nodes here appear mostly along the paths of the blood vessels within the pelvic cavity and receive lymph from...
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