Lovey Dovey

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Interviewer: Good morning, please take a seat…so it seems that you are afraid of riding any type of automobile, am I right? Well then what is the exact reason behind your fear in riding an automobile? Interviewee: it all started when I was involved in a car accident , since that accident I was afraid in ridding a car. Interviewer: Does it bother you to ride a car?

Interviewee: yes! It does! My school is far away from home so im forced to ride a bus, every-time I ride a bus, my fear is being triggered,it’s like that I have that feeling of being involved in an accident again!(pause) that feeling of something will go wrong! Every-time that happens, I get hesitant, my palms get sweaty, my knees are shaking and I’m in no condition to think calmly Interviewer: it seem that your currently experiencing traumatic stress, you can overcome this trauma by introducing you once again to the same conditions before the accident, by doing this your mind and body will adapt to the environment and you will manage to act calmly in this type situation, I really do like to help, but to do this you will need confidence and it is up to you to gather that confidence PROBLEM SOLVING

Interviewer: Good morning
interviewee: good morning sir
Interviewer: so you are here to apply as a PA, am I right? So let’s get to business, so I have read your resume and it seems that you have quite excellent record, but what if you were faced in a problem, let’s say that your boss has a business trip to Japan and his flight was cancelled, how will you handle the situation Interviewee: firstly I will try to assess the issue, and then I will carefully study the details and fix the problems needed to be solved, so, you’re saying that my boss’ flight was cancelled the first thing that I will do is try to book him another flight as soon as possible and then talk to clients he will meet and I will try to hold onto them as long as I can so that my boss will not lose his precious investors...
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