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Topics: Poetry, Meaning of life, Literature Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Literature Assignment

The literary work captured my interest, because it happens to have a mixture of personalities, characters, language, Genre, ambiguity and satire, not only does it have these criteria’s but also intertwines the mind with inside and outside resources of life that can is spread out like a book or a poem. Many Author, writers, and readers understands the concept of important life issues entertaining the people who may have the same story or life situations such as books with mysteries, history, and a life that once was told in real life living out the persons aura in spirit, but also in reality with some horrors. There has been poetry such as the story that was told back in London, New York’s Bridge, and Murderers, but also World War 1 when an explosion went off and killed thousands of people. Now a song as let the body hit the floor, meaning the ashes of bodies, London brides falling down the incident when the bridge collapsed and killed lots of people, and Rock a my baby the killers who murdered children in walls and burying them in the back yard. I feel with this accept ion of allowing these type of songs to come out and no one understanding the true meaning of these songs are terrible and not educated. In my 20’s I found out what these songs meant and what it was in detailed I was personally shocked, because the war back then was no joke and for someone to contradict the songs turning it out to be popular seems to be that these songs should not be out in the open. Analyzing the approach in the poems is connecting to the reader’s personal link or imaginative entry in a story, poem, or play. Such as when I was in a drama class there had been plenty of times when we had to analyze connecting to the character so that we may feel what the character itself is playing, although when in acting each emotions, physically, mentally, good in language and more. Reading and memorizing the words of lyrics and capable of reenacting the story...
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