Line Graph

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Defining Data
The primary objective of line graphs is to define raw data, making it easily understandable with a visual representation. By plotting data on a line graph, you assign it a vertical and horizontal value that corresponds to the raw data determining the graph. For instance, if tracking annual sales at a retail store, the data would be defined by the amount of sales in dollars and the months during which these sales took place. Interpreting Data

The visual representation of data in line graphs allows users to easily interpret information over a given period of time. Once figures have been plotted on the graph and a line has connected all the points, users can visually analyze data that occurs over time without having to compare specific figures. For instance, monthly temperatures over the period of a year can be easily visualized by looking at the points on a line graph. The user can quickly ascertain the warmer and colder months based on viewing the graph, without having to compare specific temperatures. This also allows users to quickly and visually identify trends in data. Uses of Line Graph

Line graphs show the rate of change to a specific data set over a period of time. For instance, line graphs are commonly used to check the changes in various weather patterns, including temperature, humidity and rainfall, over the course of a month or a year. Additionally, line graphs are often used to plot annual business profits and losses and to track spending throughout a year. Line graphs can also be used to track consumer spending and retail sales.
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