Letter to John Adams from Abigail Adams

Topics: John Adams, Abigail Adams, Quincy, Massachusetts Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Letter to John Adams from Abigail Adams and Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams 1.Abigail Adams establishes ethos in the opening paragraph by asking questions about the issue at hand. By mentioning the Defense Virginia she shows that she is knowledgeable about the issue at hand, even though she does not yet have a definite stance on it. The questions show her urgent tone and care for her husband. The questions show that she is concerned about him and his well being. 2.Abigail tries to convey the general impact of the Revolution in Boston. She chose the details she did to try show John Adams what has changed in Boston as a result of the Revolution. She shares that the city is in a better condition that what she was expecting however, things have changed there. Things are dirty but not destroyed. She shows that she has hope and a positive outlook for Boston. 3.Abigail makes these comments without sounding accusatory or alienating her husband by speaking in general terms. She says, “All men would be tyrants,” so to not narrow it down to just her husband and others. She also refers to the leaders before him and the other leaders of this time saying “be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors.” She makes generalized statements as opposed to direct accusations. 4.It cannot be said that John Adams does not love Abigail; however it is evident that he does not feel they are equal; he feels superior to her. He answers all her questions in the beginning of the letter in a very matter-of-factly manner. He cares for their children and wants them to learn from the mishaps of others. 5.When John tells Abigail that he cannot help but laugh he is dismissing her idea for the Code of Laws. He is being blunt but not awfully disrespectful. He explains why he cannot meet her requests. People already thinking that bands of government have been loosened everywhere as a result of the Revolution. 6.The last paragraph in John Adams letter is...
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