Lesson Plan in English Writing

Topics: Hamburger, High school, Lettuce Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: October 18, 2012
The Fisher Valley College

A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in English Writing
for First Year High School

Developmental Method

Learning Objectives:|
1. define what a paragraph is|
2. recognize the parts and structure of a paragraph|
3. write one or more paragraphs about a certain topic|

Learning Content:|
1. Title:The Hamburger Paragraph (Parts of a Paragraph)| 2. Reference:1st Year High School Book|
3. Materials:pocket chart, flash cards, song, worksheets| 4. Skills:listening, identifying, writing|

Learning Task:|
1. Preliminary Routine|
* Prayer * Greetings * Attendance|
2. Motivation |
Teacher asks students what they like on their hamburgers: (meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bun). Students draw a picture of their dream burger on the board. Teacher introduces the simile of "A hamburger is a like a paragraph. Without the top and bottom buns, the burger falls apart."| 3. Lesson Proper|

Teacher will play the song “To Write a Paragraph”. Then post the burger chart. Teacher will discuss the parts of the paragraph and its importance. Teacher will give an example paragraph.| To Write a ParagraphTo write a paragraph, to write a paragraphYou have to know, you have to knowJust what a paragraph isChoose a topicAdd transitionsReason, detailsFacts and evidenceWrite a conclusionAnd now you know what a paragraph is...| 4. Generalization|

Teacher will ask students with questions to review. What is a paragraph? What are the parts of a paragraph? What does a topic sentence state? How is a paragraph like a hamburger?| 5. Evaluation|

Teacher will give the students a worksheet. Students will fill up the burger paragraph worksheet with their sentences (topic sentence, details or supporting sentences and closing or concluding sentences). | |

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