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Lesson plan 6

Class: 2LO
Date: 12.10.2012
Subject: “An e-mail”- Writing skills
Teaching aims:
- writing semi-formal emails
-discussing different offers of tourist centre
-asking and answering
-learning vocabulary connected with tourism
- developing writing skills
-increasing Ss’ awareness of using Internet and communicate with people in English Teaching aids: board, chalk, computers, copies
Forms of work: individual work, pair work, whole class work

Stages of the lesson:
3) INTRODUCTION – greet the Ss, tell the aims of the lesson and write the subject (1 min) 4) WARM-UP – check the homework, ask Ss if they write letters and how often(1 min) 5) PRESENTATION (10 min)

- T asks Ss what factors are important for them when they re choosing holiday and where they get information about holiday destination - discussion with students
-present Ss some of the rules of emails writing.
-put Ss into pairs, they have to decide on a place in the world that they would both like to visit. Give few minutes to discuss his and go round the classroom asking where each pair like to go. - get to know Ss with the style they have to use while writing an email -Ss put the paragraphs in a chronological order, then write the ending of the short text PRODUCTION

-get Ss focused on semi-formal letter
-give Ss a copy of semi-formal email as an example of a good email and a copy of the “bad email”, by looking at both texts they try to discover the rules of writing a good email -Ss write an email to the information centre of the city of their choice asking for any information they require 6) RECAPITULATION (1 min)

- revision of the material
- assigning homework; finishing an email at home
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