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Topic: Writing a transactional letter
Form:10 th
Level: advanced
Lesson type: Writing
Subject: Writing a transactional letter

Lesson aims:

1.to introduce the topic of the lesson: a transactional letter 2.to present to the students the main features of a a transactional letter 3.to familiarize the students with the layout and style of a transactional letter 4.to practise language used in a transactional letter

5.to develop the writing and speaking skills of the students
-students will be able to present the main features of a a transactional letter -students will be able to understand the nature and purpose of a a transactional letter, -students will be able to write and read their own letter of application.

Skills:writing,reading, speaking

Teaching materials: classbook(Going for gold upper-ntermediate) Audio-visuals: blackboard and chalk, students 'copy-book
Activity 1-Warm-up
Aim-introducing the topic
The teacher is checking the homework and tell the.The teacher the students that they are going to focus on the writing skill and that they are going to learn how to write a letter of application and writes on the blackboard the title of the lesson,,Writing a letter of application”

Activity 1a-pre-reading
Aim: a predictive activity about the contents and layout of a transactional letter Ss:answer: dear John/friend/Mrs. Jones/Madame Dear Ms, or Dear Mr,; end with Yours sincerely) or start with Dear Sir/Madam,; end with Yours faithfully). Useful language: I am writing to enquire about... Ss: answer: about the content

Second paragraph: Asking for information. You can repeat this paragraph many times. Useful language: I would be grateful if you could send me... \ I am writing to enquire about
Students give examples of their own: I would like to find out more about a language course/the location/price of the tickets/ Activity 1b-pre-reading
T.points that Modals are for Polite Requests, Conditionals may be used to make polite requests. Polite requests can be made using may I, could I, can I, might I, would you, will you, could you, and can you. Using can and will is considered less formal and less polite than could and would. Polite requests with 'I' (first person singular) as the subject Could I enquire about?

Might I get that for you? May I have that ?
Polite requests with 'you' (second person singular) as the subject Could you sent me additional information about ?
Could you let me know ? Would you do that for me ?
Polite requests using would you mind..?
Would you mind if I enlist later than specified in our add ? Would you mind sending me a list of facilities?

Closing comments: Extra request (asking for a brochure if it's possible, …) and additional information that you thing the person who will receive the letter could be interested in. Saying thank you

Ending: Yours sincerely or Yours faithfully

1.T.points out that First paragraph: start with saying WHY YOU'RE WRITING Teacher asks the students the question: What do you think an application letter is and what kind of information do you think you should provide in a transactional letter Aim: a predictive activity about the contents and layout of a transactional letter Procedure:

2.Students give their opinion freely and write their ideas in their exercise book Interaction:teacher-student; student-teacher
Aim: a reading-comprehension activity so as to practise reading skills Procedure:
1.Teacher asks a student to read exercise 2/170
2.Teacher has a conversation with students about the exercise;teacher is asking students various questions •experience of being with young people
3.Students deliver the answers to the Teacher
Interaction:teacher-student; student-teacher...

Links: visiting elderly people in my local area. I also feel that I can get on well with people from other cultural backgrounds, since I have also taught immigrant children English at our church school.
(8) I think I would be a good primary teacher of maths due to my teaching experience. Also, I have recently passed my Maths ‘A’ level (grade B), so I have a good understanding of the subject. In addition, I hold a certificate in first aid, which might be useful.
(9) I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
(10) Maureen Taylor
(11) Ms Maureen Taylor
Homework: write the correct letter of application for ex 1/140 in 120-180 words.
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