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Lesson Plan

By Corinthian Dec 01, 2012 698 Words
SCHOOL: Couva West SecondaryYEAR: 2012/2013TERM: One
FORM: FourDURATION OF THE LESSON: 35minutes EXAMINATION: C.S.E.C SUBJECT: Principles of BusinessNO. OF STUDENTS: 17 AGE RANGE: 14-16 UNIT TOPIC: Internal organizational Environment LESSON TOPIC: Communication TEACHER’S NAME: Dayne Sagar GENERAL OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, students will; 1. Develop knowledge of communication

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, students will; Cognitive Domain (knowledge):
1. Understand communication
2. Identify types of communication
Psychomotor Domain (Skill):
1. Draw a concept map outlining for communication

Affective Domain (attitude)
1. Value the importance of communication in the organization. PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: autocratic and democratic leadership, team work. PROCEDURES:
TIME| ELEMENTS| CONTENT| TEACHING LEARNING RESOURCES| TEACHING LEARNING METHODS| TEACHER’S ACTIVITIES| STUDENTS’ ACTIVITIES| EVALUATION| 2- 3 mins| Introduction/Set Induction| Greetings to class. Telling students a secret.Introduces the topic and objectives| Power point/multimedia, white board| Discussion| Telling a secretDiscussingQuestioning| RespondingAsking Questionsobserving| Formative| 8 mins| Presentation 1| Definition of :communication| Power point/multimediaWhite board, lesson notes| DiscussionStep by step guidance| DiscussingQuestioningExplaining| Responding,Note taking, Working in groups| Formative| 2 mins| Summary| Review of main points| Power point/multimedia, White board, lesson notes| Discussion| DiscussingQuestioningProviding information| Responding, Note taking, Working in groups| Formative| 8| Presentation 2| Forms of communication| Power point/ multimediaWhiteboard, lesson notes| DiscussionStep by step guidance| DiscussingQuestioningExplainingProviding information| RespondingNote takingWorking in groups| Formative| 2 mins| Summary| Review of main points| Power point/ multimediaWhiteboard, lesson notes| Discussion| DiscussingQuestioning| Responding| Formative| 7| Presentation 3| Identifying communication media | Power point/ multimediaWhiteboard, lesson notes| Discussion | Discussing Questioning | responding| Formative| 9 mins| Evaluation | worksheet| Worksheet with case study questions| Observation| Observing| Working Individually| Summative| 3 mins| Conclusion| | Work sheetChartsLesson Notes| Discussion| Discussing QuestioningWriting home work on the white board| RespondingNote Taking| Formative| 1 min| Closure| DismissalFarewell wishes| | | Dismissing students| Students leaving the classroom in an orderly manner.| |

The teacher whispers a secret in the ear of a student and then asks that student to pass the message around to other students by whispering in the ear. In the end, the last student should orally say what the secret is all about. PRESENTATION ONE (1):

Formative questions:
1. What is meant by communication?
Possible responses:
Communication is the means by which information is passed from one person to another. SUMMARY ONE (1):
Formative question:
1. Define communication in your own words.
Communication is how messages are transmitted from one person to another or to a group of people; it is sending and receiving messages. PRESENTATION TWO (2):
Formative question:
1. Describe some types of communication.
2. There is written communication, any other types?
Possible responses:
Forms of communication
1. Internal- within the business or the school
2. External- dealing with others outside the business or school 3. One way- one person receives the message but there is no provision for a reply. 4. Two way- sender and a receiver which will lead to the exchange of ideas. 5. Oral- speaking to communicate

6. Written- this is done in the form of letters, memos
7. Visual- using pictures
8. Top down- from managers to employees
9. Bottom up- from employees to managers
10. Horizontal- communicating with others who are on the same level

Formative question:
1. Explain top down communication.
2. Is oral communication the same as verbal?
3. How is written communication done?

1. The company e mails its Sales Staff asking for feedback on the public response to a new product. What form of Communication is this? -------------------------------------------------

2. A business uses a radio to advertise the special offer for its products. Is this Communication? a. External or internal
b. Oral or written
c. One way or two way

3. A company sends an e- mail to staff and customers telling them of the new telephone contact numbers for staff in the finance department. Is this communication: a. Instructions or communication

b. Oral or written?
c. One to one group?

4. Staff gossip spreads a rumour that James, a Senior Manager is going to lose his job. Is this communication: a. Oral or written?
b. Through formal or informal channels?
c. Verbal or visual?

5. List 3 types of internal and external communication.

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