Lesson 2

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Geology 101—Lesson 2 Assignment
1. What is meant by "hydrogen is the simplest of all elements"? Because hydrogen has an atomic number of only “1” which means it only has one proton in its nucleus and it is the only element with only one proton in its nucleus also has one electron

2. What must happen in order for an atom to lose its electrical neutrality? In order for an atom to lose its electrical neutrality the protons and electrons would have to have an unequal number of positively charged protons versus negatively charged electrons must either gain or lose an electron

3. What is the fundamental difference between gases, liquids, and solids? Although all three or phases of matter, a solid has a fixed shape and volume (although it can be changed) and can’t flo,w a gas takes the shape and volume of any container it is occupying and can be compressed while doing so and a liquid will adapt and change to the shape of any container it is in and can flow . The primary difference is in the degree to which their atoms can change position

4. What is the difference between a "crystalline" solid and an "amorphous" solid (at the atomic level)? The difference between crystalline and amorphous solids are that crystalline solid’s atoms are arranged in a repetitive pattern while amorphous solid’s atoms are not arranged in any repetitive patterns

5. Part 1. What are all atoms continuously doing, and how does this change as temperature rises? Atoms are always in motion and when the temperatures rises they speed up

Part 2. When testing the air pressure in your car's tires, will the pressure be different after driving 50 miles? Why or why not? Yes, the pressure will be different. When driving the tires will begin to heat up which in turn heats up the air pressure in your tires. As this air pressure heats up it causes the pressure itself to increase

6. Is a snowflake a mineral? Explain....
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