Learner Centered Pedagocical Approach to learning

Topics: Education, Hippocampus, Neuron Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: April 27, 2014

A learner centered pedagogical approach can significantly enhance the value of a college education by empowering students in classroom settings. In a learner centered classroom, students can incorporate interactive discussions, reflective journal assignments, and group presentations in to their course’s agenda to make more meaningful and relevant the material being presented to them in class, so that it may be useful to them throughout their entire lives. Not only do students need to be challenged physically for students to better understand and be able to focus on new material, but the way teachers run their classrooms need to be changed as well. Many teachers play the main role in their classrooms leaving students the easy route of not having to participate, for all information is hand fed to them by the educator. A “learner- centered” classroom reflects upon the idea that students should have better control over the direction the class takes through achieving guidelines set in the syllabus. According to Terry Doyle, author of Helping Students Learn in a Learner- Centered Environment, students should be given more control in deciding the path upon which a course should be headed. When a student is given the responsibility of deciding the path of which a course is headed, that student is given the opportunity to become a more responsible student. “This is analogous to our children learning to drive. We can’t help them become skilled and safe drivers if we never let them behind the wheel.” When such responsibility is given to a student, that student is more understanding of the importance of education; when a student understands why he/she is in class, that student will be able to better comprehend material presented within the course.

Many people misunderstand the meaning of the term “learning;” to learn is not to pass a class with an A, but to be able to access information received through a course at a later time when tests and quizzes are no...
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