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LCCI International Qualifications

Public Relations
Level 3

Model Answers
Series 2 2009 (3029)

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Public Relations Level 3
Series 2 2009

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Model Answers have been developed by EDI to offer additional information and guidance to Centres, teachers and candidates as they prepare for LCCI International Qualifications. The contents of this booklet are divided into 3 elements:



– reproduced from the printed examination paper


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– where appropriate, additional guidance relating to individual questions or to examination technique

Teachers and candidates should find this booklet an invaluable teaching tool and an aid to success. EDI provides Model Answers to help candidates gain a general understanding of the standard required. The general standard of model answers is one that would achieve a Distinction grade. EDI accepts that candidates may offer other answers that could be equally valid.

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Nice-Food a manufacturer of dairy products in your country has recently been fined $1 million dollars for failing to meet hygiene regulations. The company is to invest $10 million in new machinery and equipment to comply with industry standards and training staff in all hygiene regulations. Write a news release, in a maximum of 150 words, announcing this information to the media. (You may invent any additional details but they must be relevant to the subject of the question) (Marks are awarded for the content, style and layout of the news release) (Total 20 marks)


News from Nice-Food
News release
Nice-Food to invest $10 million

Nice-Food announced today the 3 April at their head office in London an investment of $10million. This investment is to be used for the purchasing of new machinery and for staff training in hygiene regulations and control.

This investment follows a recent court hearing in February of this year, when Nice-Food was fined a total of $1 million for failing to meet hygiene regulations. The court hearing was a result of an outbreak of food poisoning traced to products manufactured by Nice-Food. Operations Director Mr. Peter Green stated “The company takes food hygiene very seriously and as a result of the recent court hearing we have decided to replace all machinery that is more than three years old and to invest heavily in staff training to ensure complete compliance with food hygiene regulations”.

Nice-Food was founded in 1981 and employs over 800 staff in their factory in Wimbledon. ENDS
A. Candidate, Press Officer
The Nice-Food Company
0207 678 1234
For further information please contact
Mr. Peter Green
Operations Director
The Nice-Food Company
46 The Avenue
L10 12XY


Tel: 0207 678 3465
Fax: 0207 678 2222
After hours Tel: 0207 456 4321
Date 3rd April 2008
Ref: Nice-Food 04/23

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A large private hospital is to open in a town in your country in three months time. This facility will offer all forms of medical facilities to residents in the region. The...
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